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Investor Alert

On Feb 4, 2021 the SEC arrested three men for running a $2 Billion Ponzi scheme called GPB Capital. It was based in New York and Texas. The SEC, following an investigation and criminal indictment by Massachusetts, charged GPB Capital with violating securities laws and conspiracy. Between $1.3 and 1.9 billion of securities were sold to U.S. investors as being secure investments, producing monthly income. As a result many older and retired people invested in these, including:

GPB Capital Holdings, LP
GPB Capital Holdings, II
GPB Automotive Portfolio
GPB Waste Management
GPB Cold Storage
Armada Waste Management

Several brokerage firms sold interests in these Ponzi schemes without completing adequate due diligence. They received commissions between 4-7%. They are liable to investors looking to recover their losses if they failed to conduct adequate due diligence of the securities before selling them.

The Nygaard Law Firm has been contacted by investors who purchased GPB securities from Sagepoint Financial, Vanderbilt Securities, FSC, and other brokers.

If you invested in a GPB Capital Holdings Fund, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and possible recovery of your losses. Please fill out this form and an attorney will contact you.

A ttorney Diane A. Nygaard has been fighting for the rights of fraud victims for many years. With experience in cases large and small, high-profile and everyday, Diane is prepared to handle your case with aplomb, compassion and the knowledge of a Harvard-educated lawyer.

Her recent cases include a settlement for $200,000,000, and she is willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to fight your case with equal vigor to ensure you receive justice.

If you’ve lost money due to fraud or an investor that chose to not work in your best interest, contact your attorney today. And when you want and expect the best from your lawyer, you turn to Diane A. Nygaard.


It is difficult to believe that someone you have trusted with your savings might have abused that trust. However, the securities laws require active supervision of all investment advisors. Most cases I have handled could have been prevented had the brokerage firm or advisory firm complied with the supervisory regulations. Cases can proceed against the firm. It is not legally necessary to name the individual broker.

Diane Nygaard, P.A.

Success for Investors


Diane A. Nygaard was co-counsel in this shareholder derivative case that resulted in a $200 million class action settlement on behalf of former stockholders of Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI). In Re Kinder Morgan. Inc. Shareholders Litigation, Consol. Case No. 06 C 801, District Court of Shawnee County, Kansas. A buyout group lead by KMI’s largest stockholder and Chairman, Richard Kinder, […]


In August, 2011, Diane Nygaard arbitrated and won a case against Oppenheimer Securities for an investor who had a realized loss of $187,000 on speculative securities that his Oppenheimer broker sold to him as “safe and liquid” investments. The panel awarded the investor the amount of his losses, attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, and interest from February 2008 to the […]


In October, 2013, Mrs. Nygaard prevailed against Ameriprise for a retired businessman. The Panel required Ameriprise to buy back all the REITs the Ameriprise broker sold the investor for their purchase price of $650,000, and ordered Ameriprise to repay him an additional $126,000 for the fees, commissions, and payments made to Ameriprise for “financial plans”, and the expenses of the […]

If you’ve lost money at the hands of an untrustworthy broker or advisor,
contact attorney Diane A. Nygaard today.