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Securities Fraud Law

investment-fraud-attorney-diane-nygaardWhen an adviser or broker makes a fraudulent claim regarding the value of a company’s stock or provides information that is false and leads an investor to make a financial decision based on that information, it is considered securities fraud.  Types of securities fraud include inaccurate reporting of a company’s financial information to shareholders, insider trading, or misrepresentation by third parties who participate in “pump and dump” schemes involving providing fraudulent information about a specific company, industry, or the stock market.  In order to protect your interests and recover the losses you have sustained, it is critical to work with a skilled and aggressive securities fraud lawyer.

When you need a capable and experienced securities fraud attorney, count on Diane A. Nygaard to protect your rights and seek the justice you deserve. There are any number of securities fraud lawyers available, but when it comes to something as critical as devastating financial loss, you need a professional with a winning track record and an aggressive approach. You invest your hard-earned money in stocks or other ventures to provide financial security for your future; when this is taken away by those you believed were helping you make smart financial decisions, seek effective legal counsel.

Investors are often misled in regard to the supposed security and safety of their investments. Stockbrokers often supply advice that is not suitable to an investor’s situation. When the result is financial loss, it is essential that you have a skilled securities fraud lawyer with the experience and knowledge to reach a favorable outcome on your behalf. Diane A. Nygaard is one of the top securities fraud attorneys in the nation; she has recovered losses caused by the misconduct of financial advisors, stockbrokers, insurance companies and brokerage firms for countless clients.

Any competent securities fraud attorney will tell you that securities fraud is a very serious offense, often policed by the FBI, SEC and state securities regulators. However, seldom do these organizations work to help investors to recover the losses they have suffered. Security fraud lawyers are skilled and possess in-depth knowledge of the often complex laws involved in handling these types of cases and reaching a favorable outcome.

When you are the victim of securities fraud, it can literally leave you destitute. People of all ages invest in various ventures, some risky and encouraged by financial professionals. As all security fraud attorneys know, many financial advisors will place a client in to a risky investment regardless of their financial goals or age. For someone in their 50s, 60s or older, this could mean that your life savings (or a significant portion thereof) are literally wiped out. As a compassionate securities fraud lawyer dedicated to her clients, Diane A. Nygaard is successful in protecting victims and recovering their losses, litigating whenever necessary.

Financial professionals may commit securities fraud through churning, misrepresentation or omission, unsuitable recommendations, and failure to execute among other things. State and federal laws frequently change, and you need effective legal guidance when you find yourself in a situation that could potentially devastate your life. Diane A. Nygaard is a securities fraud attorney who brings years of skill, experience and knowledge to the table for her clients, taking aggressive action to protect their rights and future..