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Securities Arbitration Lawyer

securities-arbitration-lawyerWhen do you need a securities arbitration attorney? When you have a dispute with a brokerage firm or feel you have been recklessly misled in regards to the details about an investment, arbitration is often more advantageous than litigation. FINRA Arbitration and NFA Arbitration rules are complex. Most securities arbitration lawyers will tell you that arbitration is a process that is often considerably less costly to victims than is litigation, as brokerage firms cannot “force their hand” by filing countless appeals which result in extensive legal expenses to the client. Both FINRA arbitration and NFA arbitration awards are final and not appealable unless there is evidence the arbitration panel was corrupt or disregarded the law.

The majority of brokerage firms use enforceable arbitration agreements resulting from a 1987 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Shearson/American Express v. McMahon, 482 U.S. 220 (1987).  Because of these provisions included in new account agreements with the vast majority of brokerage firms, those who have invested in securities and who have disputes or suspect fraud most often find that instead of litigation, arbitration is required when it comes to legal claims.  Diane Nygaard is experienced, skilled, and aggressive when it comes to any matter regarding investment or securities fraud, whether your matter requires litigation or arbitration.

Diane A. Nygaard is a highly reputable and experienced securities arbitration lawyer who is dedicated to securing justice for her clients. Securities arbitration is often a much more expeditious choice as opposed to litigation, which can often take years. In fact, most arbitration claims are heard within a year of filing, so victims aren’t tied up in court for an undetermined length of time that may linger on well into the future. Those in dispute with financial advisors or brokers should consider consulting with a competent securities arbitration attorney who is capable of successfully representing your rights. FINRA arbitration is the forum for investors with claims about stocks, bonds, options, REITs and other securities. NFA arbitration is the form for investors with claims about their commodities or options accounts.

Qualified securities arbitration attorneys know that one of the most important decisions you can make as an investor is to choose a lawyer who specializes in what is often a complex and unique process. Unlike a civil court arbitration proceeding, securities arbitration typically takes place in a conference room and is much like a trial, with opening statements, objections, and even cross-examination of witnesses by opposing lawyers. It is essential that you choose a securities arbitration attorney with a proven track record who is capable of providing you with aggressive, skilled representation who is familiar with the FINRA and NFA Codes of Arbitration Procedure.

There are many questions you need answered. You may be curious as to whether your stocks were mismanaged, whether you are a victim of stockbroker fraud or have been taken advantage of in other ways by brokerage firms or financial advisors. A compassionate securities arbitration lawyer can answer all of your questions and help you reach a conclusion as to whether you have a claim for securities fraud or breach of fiduciary duty by your trusted advisor.

If you have been researching securities arbitration lawyers, consider Diane A. Nygaard. She has been successfully representing clients for over 25 years, and provides the skill, experience and in-depth knowledge of complex legal issues required to get the job done. It is important to take quick action as it increases your chances of recovering your losses. Contact securities arbitration attorney Diane A. Nygaard today.