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Investment Fraud

investment-fraud-lawyerThose in need of an aggressive, capable investment fraud attorney can depend on Diane A. Nygaard to protect your rights, working diligently to seek the justice you deserve. If you are the victim of fraudulent investment activity and have lost money, you may feel as though you are at a loss, and there is nothing that can be done. Investment fraud lawyers work to recover your losses and to prove fraudulence on the part of financial advisors, brokerage firms and other parties.

There are several areas in which investors may be injured due to fraudulent practices. Whether you have purchased securities, invested in stocks and/or bonds or been the victim of deceptive trade practices, you need a reputable investment fraud lawyer who will examine the facts and help determine whether you have a case. While there are countless investment fraud attorneys across the United States, skill and experience can often make a difference in the outcome you can expect.

As a trusted investment fraud attorney, Diane A. Nygaard understands that brokers often use a wide variety of schemes to promote activity that is fraudulent, often unbeknownst to the investor. Brokers may make recommendations to investors that are unsuitable or contrary to your objectives, or buy/sell securities excessively in order to generate commissions. When a broker buys or sells securities without the investor’s knowledge or permission or makes false promises as to how an investment will perform resulting in financial loss, it is time to take legal action. Reputable and experienced investment fraud lawyers are capable of identifying responsible parties, detecting fraudulent schemes and evaluating your account activity in order to reveal if indeed investment fraud has occurred.

It is imperative to consult with an experienced investment fraud lawyer who focuses primarily on securities/investment fraud, as these types of cases are typically complex in nature.  Who you choose to represent your rights should not be based on television advertisements or which law firm is located closest to you.  Frequently, inexperienced investment fraud attorneys do not have in-depth understanding of the law or know how to handle these cases.  When you have been taken advantage of by fraudulent brokers, financial advisors or other parties, it can leave you financially devastated.  Choose an investment fraud attorney with a proven, successful track record to protect your rights.

There are several ways investors may become a victim of investment fraud.  Brokers or advisers often misrepresent financial products, or even purchase or sell securities without your knowledge or permission.  Your broker may have committed fraud by:

  • Stealing your funds
  • Failing to advise you regarding all possible risks
  • Engaging in crooked documentation in regards to accounting
  • Not adhering to your instructions regarding investments
  • Fabricating account statements that were misleading or falsified
  • Manipulating stock price or the market
  • Breaching fiduciary duty
  • Trading excessively (churning) with financial gain as the motive
  • Not thoroughly researching risks, industry, product, company (failure to exercise due diligence)

Unfortunately, investment fraud is all too common today, resulting in countless investors facing significant or even overwhelming financial loss.

Diane A. Nygaard is a trusted, qualified investment fraud attorney who has successfully recovered investment losses for many investors.  She aggressively pursues claims of stockbroker misconduct or negligence, fraud, State and Federal securities laws violations and misrepresentation of financial products.  Contact our office today regarding your situation.