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Does Your Stockbroker Draw Complaints? Here’s How to Find Out

Part II Do you Know Where Your Parents’ Money Is?

Last week I had a call from a lawyer friend and his wife. She was hot! She had just learned that her mother’s “banker” had convinced her to rollover her C.D.s into something that would pay more interest. She also recommended Mom sell some stocks that weren’t doing very well to buy more of this investment. The daughter had just […]

The Collapse in Oil and Gas Investments

The oil and gas REITs and limited partnerships that were supposed to provide “diversification” and limit risk are now eating up investor’s portfolios. Last year, oil was trading above $100 a barrel, and had been for four years. Now, it is trading at under $30 a barrel. Don’t look now, but energy prices are at twelve year lows and may […]

Energy, Oil and Gas Investments

Oil prices have dropped in half over the last year. Energy stocks and investments have also collapsed. Investors with large holdings of oil and gas stocks have been crushed. This market sector should not constitute more than 10% of an investor’s portfolio because it is cyclical and speculative. Investors whose brokers recommended oil and gas stocks and have losses should […]

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange traded funds, ETFs, have grown increasingly popular in recent years – but they’ve also become more complex, exotic and risky. Leveraged and inverse ETFs in particular have become a new source of concern for both regulators and investors. Investors use these to try to profit when the stock market goes down (“SDS”) or when it is volatile, up one […]

LPL Fund to Compensate REIT Investors

On September 23, 2015, LPL and the SEC reached an important agreement for its customers: LPL has admitted that it will compensate its clients for their losses in REITs LPL sold to them between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2013. Four important issues have been resolved by the SEC: LPL agents violated prospectus standards and sold REITs to people […]

Elder Abuse: Do You Know Where Your Parents’ Money Is?

Over the last year, I have filed cases on behalf of several elderly people, some of whom have serious cognitive issues. All have been abused by a trusted financial advisor. In the first case, a son discovered that his father, who had Alzheimer’s, was buying and selling one third to one half of his municipal bond portfolio every month. The […]

Options Trading

Trading options is covered by special supervisory rules under FINRA, which apply to all brokers executing options trades for customers. This is because options trading can be very risky—and large losses can occur very quickly. By definition, options are traded on margin. If a position goes bad—losses can be collected against the customer’s other assets by the brokerage firm. Because […]

Allianz Annuities

Allianz of Germany has been one of the largest sellers of annuities in the U.S. Its annuities include the Master Dex 10, Bonus Dex, and other equity indexed annuities. If you have inherited such an annuity, you might have received less than promised. If you have purchased or inherited such an annuity, please contact Diane Nygaard at (913) 485-5014 for […]


If you purchased any fixed annuity from any of these companies in the last three years, you might have been misled as to key issues. The companies are: American General Banner Life Genworth John Hancock ING Liberty Lincoln Benefit Lincoln National Metlife Monumental Munich American Munich Reinsurance Prudential Reliastar RGA Reinsurance and RGA International SCOR Global Security Life Swiss Re […]

FINRA’s Warning About Buying Privately Traded REITs

FINRA, the quasi-independent board that regulates brokerage firms and investment advisors, warns investors about investments it believes are being misrepresented. The newest warning is about privately-traded REITs. FINRA warns investors that these investments are not liquid, do not guarantee income, and are sold because the brokers receive larger commissions for selling these investments than for almost any other investment product. […]

Losses on REITs Sold by Ameriprise

Kenner Nygaard DeMarea Kendall, LLC represents Ameriprise customers who have lost money in real estate investment trusts. Recently the firm has filed FINRA arbitrations to recover investors’ losses in REITs sold by Ameriprise. In July 2009, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., an American Express subsidiary, was sanctioned by the Securities & Exchange Commission and ordered to pay over $17 million dollars […]

LPL Financial

LPL Financial has been in the news recently because FINRA has announced that it leads the pack—and not in a good way. It is in the forefront for having more customer complaints against it, per customer, than any other brokerage firm. Why? Because it is a leading seller of “alternative” investments, such as REITs, annuities, variable universal life policies, and […]

Inland American (Inventrust) REIT Possible Class Action

Kenner Nygaard DeMarea Kendall is investigating a possible securities class action for purchasers of Inland American Real Estate Trust, Inc. REITs. Inland American recently changed its name to InvenTrust Properties Corp., but it is the same company. Was this done to minimize the cloud of the SEC’s lengthy investigation of “Inland American”? The SEC investigated Inland American for three years […]

Risks of Owning Variable Annuities

Many variable annuity owners have recently been receiving puzzling letters in the mail. Hartford, AXA, Transamerica and other annuity sellers have sent offers to policyholders to remove the income guarantees (the reason most people buy an annuity) in exchange for a lump sum payment to their “account value”. Hartford is trying to leave the American annuity market. Aviva, formerly known […]