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Class Actions

Representing Victims in Class Action Lawsuits

Diane Nygaard has successfully represented people in securities, ERISA and insurance class actions for more than 30 years.

Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

When many individuals suffer damages from a common wrong committed by an entity, a class action lawsuit can obtain relief for a group, or “class,” of people. Cases involving price movements in a stock, a course of misconduct by the same broker or brokerage firm, or by an insurance company and its agents are typically handled as class actions. Attorney Diane Nygaard has been appointed by several federal and state judges to serve as lead or liaison counsel in many class action lawsuits arising under federal and state securities and consumer fraud statutes.

Results for Classes of Investors

Diane Nygaard has helped to recover hundreds of millions of dollars for classes of investors, including all Kinder Morgan shareholders “$200 million settlement”, minorities who were charged more for life insurance policies than white Americans were charged by Reliable Life Insurance ($75 million) , Monumental Life Insurance Company ($50 million), people who were told their insurance premiums would “vanish” or were told that their policies were “paid up” when they were not by Metlife ($125 million), Knights of Columbus ($60 million) and Thrivent ($50 million) She is currently representing employees with claims against the managers of their 401 (k) plans for excessive fees.

If you believe that you were defrauded when sold an annuity, life insurance policy or stock, contact Diane Nygaard at

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