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Securities Attorney


Diane A. Nygaard is one of the most capable and effective securities lawyers in the United States today. Those who have lost money or invested unknowingly in fraudulent schemes need a skilled, aggressive attorney with years of experience in handling all aspects of contested securities matters. When you need a reputable securities attorney, it is essential that you choose a lawyer whose ultimate goal is to maximize your recovery, pursuing justice in a diligent and aggressive manner.

Many financial planners and stockbrokers are diligent, honest and hardworking, but many are also negligent, rogue brokers who deal with clients in an underhanded manner. A seasoned securities lawyer will work with you in order to determine if you have a claim; if you do, proper action will be taken to seek to recover your losses.

Bank and Trust companies are responsible for acting in the best interest of the individuals whose trusts they manage, however laws are broken and beneficiaries left injured. Duty of fiduciary is defined as a duty of utmost good faith, integrity and loyalty. However, when investment advisors, stockbrokers and Bank and Trust companies do not act responsibly they may be held accountable. Securities attorneys work diligently to learn if laws have been broken, and to uncover the truth regarding potential fraudulent activity that affects those who invest.

A securities attorney must stay on top of new laws and legal rulings regarding securities in order to be effective and achieve the desired results for their clients. When you choose someone to represent your rights, it is imperative that they have a strong background in financial practices and business accounting as securities laws are extremely complex. Those searching out trusted securities attorneys can depend on Diane A. Nygaard to bring her skill, experience, knowledge and strong desire to obtain justice to those who have been taken advantage of by financial advisors, brokers and others they trusted to protect their financial futures.

Countless investors have lost money because of fraudulent statements made by companies they invested in. Wall Street pressures corporate officers intensely to demonstrate constantly improving financial statements; unfortunately, many companies choose to be untruthful regarding their company's performance so that the price of company stock is artificially inflated. Eventually, this leads to an overwhelming drop in stock price when the truth is revealed, and investors lose money.

Diane A. Nygaard is a highly reputable securities lawyer with a passion for obtaining justice for her clients.