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Class Action Lawyer With Experience

Class action attorney Diane A. Nygaard has an extensive background and hands-on experience with representing clients in class action lawsuits. When several individuals have experienced the same injury (such as securities, insurance, or investment fraud), you need a lawyer who is skilled and aggressive. Diane was the co-lead attorney in the Kinder Morgan securities class action that settled for $200,000,000, a result that was praised by the judge. There are many class action lawyers who would be glad to represent your rights; however, experience and prior results make a difference in the outcome you can expect, so consider your options with care.

A class action lawsuit is simply a legal device that allows a single person to sue on behalf of themselves and others who have been wronged or experienced the same injury. For example, you and several others may have suffered an investment loss due to fraudulent actions by a brokerage firm. Many cases involve stock price movements, caused by a company’s failure to reveal material information. Class action attorneys work on behalf of the entire group, working to recover your losses and hold the responsible party liable for the injuries they have caused.

As one of the leading class action lawyers in the nation, Diane A. Nygaard has served as one of lead counsel in many class action suits, both in the federal and state courts, handling securities, insurance, and consumer fraud cases. Her knowledge, skill, experience and proven track record allow her to frequently secure a favorable outcome for her clients. She is a class action lawyer who is compassionate, dedicated and aggressive, working vigorously to ensure that those who have committed securities, investment or consumer fraud do not get away with the wrongs they have committed - which often leave victims financially devastated.

A competent class action attorney will tell you there are two primary benefits of a class action lawsuit. First, if a single person were to file suit, it isn't likely that the injuries suffered would be large enough to justify the costs of bringing a lawsuit against the offender. Secondly, the court system runs in a smooth manner without getting "bogged down" in thousands of lawsuits, when a single action can cover all of the injuries of hundreds or even thousands of individuals who have suffered the same injuries.

Class action attorneys help a class of people obtain relief for the damages they have suffered. When several individuals have been injured because of misconduct by a broker, corporation, or insurance company and its agents, count on Diane A. Nygaard to provide vigorous legal counsel. Her extensive experience, education and dedication to justice for her clients make her an effective class action lawyer who gets the job done.